4 Reasons CTS Chooses to be Fueled by PROBAR

March 23, 2015

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fueled by probar


As one of the world’s largest endurance coaching organizations, Carmichael Training Systems works with athletes of all ability levels across a huge range of sports. Over the past 15 years we’ve worked with more than 15,000 athletes and tried just about every bar, chew, drink, and gel out there. After all that, why choose PROBAR? Simple. Here’s why:

1. Athletes eat more of what tastes good.

There’s nothing cutesy about saying taste is one of the primary reasons we choose to provide our athletes with PROBAR products. And it’s not about marketing, either. It’s about performance. We need athletes to eat during workouts and long endurance events because performance improves when athletes consume adequate calories to replenish the energy they expend.

Taste is one of the most important aspects of getting athletes to eat during events because they’ll actually reach for food that tastes good. When food isn’t appealing it stays in an athlete’s pocket, and it doesn’t do any good there. Even when athletes have a structured race-day nutrition plan, as events get longer athletes get tired, they get cravings, and they are less likely to stick with their nutrition plan if the foods available taste bad.

PROBAR products taste wonderful and there’s a variety of flavors that cover everything from sweet to salty and savory so we can hand an athlete a product that meets their nutritional needs and their current cravings.



2. PROBAR is accessible to everyone

At events, CTS Coaches sometimes support more than 100 CTS Athletes with nutrition and hydration products. At each of our training camps we support 20+ athletes and coaches for multiple training days. Many athletes have specific dietary habits or nutritional needs, ranging from food allergies to religious rules and lifestyle choices. With PROBAR we can provide our athletes with products that are certified organic, raw, non-GMO, Kosher, gluten-free, and free of tree nuts. Not every PROBAR product meets all those criteria, but having access to the entire lineup ensures we can provide the product or products that meet an athletes needs and we can be sure the nutrition profile is outstanding.




3. Athletes are athletes all day long

An athlete is an athlete all day long, not just before, during, and immediately after a workout. The athletes we coach range from Olympians and World Champions to working parents and the guy or gal in the next cubicle. Our athletes travel, get stuck in long meetings, miss lunch, forget their lunch, and experience all the other hassles of daily living. But rather than reach for a candy bar, a bag of chips, or a greasy fast food meal, our athletes grab a PROBAR product. A Meal bar is 350-380 calories of great nutrition and it packs great sources of carbohydrate, fat, protein, and fiber so you feel full, satisfied, and energized rather than full, sleepy, and bloated. Bite bars are smaller and make great snacks any time of day. And athletes looking for extra protein can grab a BASE bar and get 20g of plant-based protein. There’s even Cookie Dough that tastes like cookie dough, not chemicals!


4. An Athlete’s food choices go beyond nutrition

There is a mind-boggling array of sports nutrition products available to athletes these days and when we went looking for a nutrition partner we looked beyond the nutrition to examine the values of our potential partners. In PROBAR we found a group of passionate and intelligent people of conscience, who care about their ingredients and where they come from, how those ingredients can help athletes perform better. You know that BITE bar? It took two years to develop, not because they couldn’t produce a good bar but because it took that long to get it perfect. That’s the type of commitment we have to our athletes and it’s a big part of the reason we trust being fueled by PROBAR.