6 Facts About Cashews That Will Blow Your Mind

May 28, 2015

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If you are health conscious, you are well acquainted with the versatile properties of the cashew.  Or maybe you just love the crunchy goodness of this seed.  Either way, you can’t go wrong with the cashew and it’s many health benefits.  That is why PROBAR has hand-picked the cashew to be in a few of our bars including Bite Chocolate Cherry Cashew and all of our FUEL bars.

Let us take a minute and just blow your mind with a few surprising facts about cashews.

Cashews grow out of “apples”.  Wait, what?!  The cashew is harvested as well as the apple-like fruit which is then used to make jams and juices.


Photo by Joao Vincente


Cashews are seeds. Because they grow out of apples, they are technically a seed not a nut.

Cashew shells are poisonous. Raw cashews are surrounded by a double shell which contain urushiol, a resin that can produce rashes and is toxic to ingest.

Raw cashews are green.  Before the seed is roasted, cashews are a beautiful shade of green.


cashew1Photos by Paul Arps


Cashews are related to pistachios, mangos and poison ivy. The poisonous part of the cashew is the same stuff that makes poison ivy “poison” and is also found in the mango plant.

Cashews may be found in your car. The cashew resin is used in industrial products used as brake liners and paints.




We hope this lesson educated you about cashews.  Now go and impress your friends with the new fun facts you learned!