Athlete Update: Melanie McQuaid at Red Rocks

June 16, 2009

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Melanie McQuaid, PROBAR® athlete pictured below on her way to victory in the XTERRA US Cup last month in Vegas, had the chance to spend some time training in Red Rocks but also checking out Zappos. She posted an update on her website that is worth checking out.

While in Vegas she also had the chance to check out Red Rocks and go for some training rides. I must agree with her sentiment – if you’ve not had the chance to go there it’s a must (preferably in the spring or fall when temps aren’t unbearable.)

One word about Red Rocks: spectacular! The mountain biking was awesome, the road riding is awesome, and Vegas has a ton of gorgeous outdoor pools. I am considering a training camp there. How fun would that be? Ride your heart out all day and then have a myriad of wonderful things to do at night?

Check out the rest of her update and the carnage from a couple of days training in Red Rocks.

Mel in the XTERRA US CUP

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