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June 20, 2012

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Clayton and Jeanie had a journey of a lifetime…..biked from Arkansas to Maine in 36 days, fueled by PROBAR®.  They kept us posted on their adventure….Check it out!

“Thanks so much. Thses bars have been literally a LIFE saver. These photos is Clayton and I  eating the bars after 80 miles and 10 hours on the bike. Since we were on the Blue Ridge Parkway there was no access to food and water. No biggie for us since we had access to PROBARs. Thanks again.”

“Thank you so much for our PROBAR® care package!  We have been devouring these simply natural high performance energy treats :)  Rode the crest of North Carolina’s famous Blue Ridge Parkway while sporting our new PROBAR® jerseys and my brother Jeff took some excellent photos which he can email to you.  Love the PROBARs and the jerseys, we even introduced 2 of our elite ultra endurance runner friends to the wonders of PROBAR® yesterday while in Johnson City, TN.  Thanks again for everything.  We are honored to be PROBAR® Representatives :)”

“Thanks so much for the support! It is very much appreciated. With PROBAR® being a meal replacement bar it really helps cut down on the weight of carrying food on the bicycle while getting the good nutrition that we need.”




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