From: Orem, UT
Focus: Cycling, Running

The Blendtec Racing Team has members spread across Utah and participates in many different events. On various weekends our athletes are competing in running, mountain biking, road cycling and triathlons across the state. Our team is an awesome blend of novice and experienced athletes who try to have more fun doing what we love. Our title sponsor, Blendtec, builds the best blenders in the world so we are constantly coming up with new delicious recipes and are constantly seen with smoothies in hand. We love exploring the amazing world around us via our shoes and bikes!

Our team loves PROBAR because of their choice to only use the best ingredients. We are a very health conscious team that takes nutrition and eating seriously. Our title sponsor Blendtec is a high powered blender and is vital to our in home nutrition and training recovery. PROBAR is our out of home option that allows us to get an amazing tasting treat when we are out training and racing.

When Not Adventuring

Our team was started around a love of blending so we are constantly making smoothies and other recipes at home. Some of us are bloggers, love spending time with our families and spending time in the beauty that Utah has. Many of us ski or snowboard in the winter, wakeboard in the summer or hiking through the mountains.


Our team is made up of various levels of elite and amateur athletes so our #1 goal is to have way more fun than other teams, to beat our previous bests and to go further than we have before. Some of our triathletes are shooting for Kona slots and others are working hard to hit the podium of our local cycling, running and triathlon events each weekend.

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