GoPro Bomb Squad

From: Salt Lake City, Utah
Focus: skydiving, base jumping, paragliding, speedflying, wingsuits, crossfit, yoga

The GoPro Bomb Squad is the worlds most followed human flight team.  They are constantly on the move in search of their next aerial adventure.

We love PROBARs because they keep our bodies fueled with natural, healthy energy that we need to get us where we need to go. Sometimes that means grabbing a CORE while on a short layover at the airport.  While other times it’s downing a pack of BOLTS hiking up a mountain that we are going to fly down.  The variety of PROBSR products keep us constantly surprised at what flavor is going to be our favorite next.

When Not Adventuring

When we aren’t in the air, you can find us at the local yoga studio, crossfit gym, or coffee shop reading a book.  Believe it or not we really enjoy our downtime as well as connecting with our local community through more “normal” outlets.


To live to be old men and tell stories about how we use to fly around in squirrel suits.

Find GoPro Bomb Squad online: facebook

Favorite PROBAR® Products