Kim Havell

PROBAR® Athlete
From: Jackson, Wyoming
Focus: Skiing, Mountaineering, Climbing, Running

Kim has skied on all 7 continents, with 1st descents on 4, and adventured in over 50 countries. During her travels, she has climbed and skied big peaks in the Himalaya & the Karakorum, the highest mountains across the US, with 1st descents both at home and abroad including in the Arctic and Antarctic.

In 2013, Kim completed 65 different routes in the Tetons with a team that included Brian Warren & Patrick McDermott, including the first female descent of the notorious Otter Body on the Grand Teton. With an Ice Axe Expeditions team in early June, she was a part of 19 first descents in the Svalbard region of Norway as well as an Ice Axe ski guide for a 2nd trip to Antarctic Peninsula in November.

Born in Tehran, Iran, Kim was raised abroad in Hong Kong and then moved to NYC at the age of eleven. She is a graduate of Choate Rosemary Hall and Brown University, and lived in Telluride, CO for sixteen years until a recent move through Salt Lake City to Jackson, WY.

Natural, Sustaining, Organic, and good for you.

When Not Adventuring

Kim is also a writer and photographer


Numerous Expeditions and Travel plans in the works for 2013 include Norway, Antarctica, Himalaya

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