Nari Malkhasyan

PROBAR® Ambassador
From: Acton, Massachussetts
Focus: Yoga, Running

When I first stepped on the mat, it was in a brightly lit gym studio. I was writing my senior capstone project in college, working 2 part-time jobs, and running every morning. I was a frazzled mess, looking to relieve the tension in both body and mind. But in that first class I was even more tense than before, attempting strange poses, and hyperaware of how awkward I must look. Yet at the end of the class there was a very tangible sense of peace.

That was over 12 years ago. Since then I have completed my yoga teacher training and am now fortunate enough to share the peace I found with my students. My intention is to teach with compassion, making yoga practice more accessible to students at all levels, while encouraging them to challenge their limits and discover their possibilities.

My passion is teaching yoga for runners.

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As a yogi I feel that a plant-based lifestyle is a way of showing kindness to myself, to animals, and to the planet. To me veganism is not about restriction but eating real, satisfying, delicious foods. PROBAR® products taste indulgently yummy, are aligned with my values, and give me the energy I need to go from teaching two classes back to back, to a run, and back to the studio to stretch out.

When Not Adventuring

Running in Boston or on the trails in the suburbs. Working full time as an engineer. Exploring vegan recipes in the kitchen.


Staying present in the moment. Conquering my fear of handstands. Helping people from all walks of life find peace in their bodies through yoga.

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