Nathan Dressel

PROBAR® Ambassador
From: Mont Vernon, NH
Focus: Triathlon

Nathan is a US Army Green Beret, Professional Triathlete, and head coach at Quiet Professional Coaching. After enlisting in the US Army in 2004, Nathan worked his way up the ranks, eventually earning the coveted Green Beret and going overseas several times with his 12 man Operational Detatchment Alpha (ODA). After 6 years on Active Duty, he switched to the National Guard's 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne) where he currently holds a senior slot on an ODA and serves when called upon.

Nathan's triathlon career began while in the Special Forces Qualification Course in 2006 after a friend talked him into trying a sprint triathlon in Burlington, NC. Instantly hooked, Nathan began training  and racing as often as his military training and deployment schedule allowed. After working his way to the top of the Elite Age Group category, Nathan earned his USA Triathlon Elite License in August, 2013 when he swept the amateur field at Rev 3 Wisconsin Dells by a commanding four and a half minute lead.

Now, competing in the professional field, Nathan is focusing his racing efforts on Non-drafting Olympic distance and Half Iron Distance events. As a coach to a select group of individual athletes, he strives to see each and every athlete enjoy triathlon as much as he has and to push his athletes to realize their true potential and achieve their goals.

I love PROBAR® products because they are a natural, healthy energy product which I can digest easily whether I just need a quick bite for breakfast or I'm pushing my body to its limits in a triathlon. I enjoy the variety of products from recovery, quick energy chews, to a full meal in a bar; there is something for each activity I'm doing.

When Not Adventuring

Head Coach at Quiet Professional Coaching.


Continue to compete at the professional level for Triathlon, Half Ironman World Championships, and continue to coach and mentor new athletes and aid their growth and enjoyment in the sport of Triathlon.

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