The Beau Collective

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From: Park City, UT

The Beau Collective swung open its doors in Park City, UT right before the holiday season in 2014 as a way for Parkites to challenge themselves physically, evolve themselves internally and enjoy themselves socially. A private group fitness concept hatched by local instructor and hotel concierge, Whitney Kozlowski, who had a vision of fusing hard workouts with local hospitality; cementing camaraderie and good juju and now what started with 24 people has a current roster of 164.  ​

The Barn (Beau Co's HQ) bustles from 6am-noon daily and has absolutely arrived on the Park City fitness landscape bearing gifts of value based pricing for its sessions, inspiration via an internal Facebook page for "teammates", social outings, local business showcases, goal tending efforts & a complimentary pantry for post workout fuel including everything from peanut butter packs to ice cold Coronas. The mindset here is definitely about creating an experience and a place where people elevate each other to craft the best version of themselves. The harder they play together, the harder they sweat together. It's a collective effort.  And it's contagious.  ​

When Not Adventuring

Fitness, social sessions, SEAULful reflection, drinks after workouts, pop up classes on the weekend and "SEAUcial media" buzz  abounds throughout the session which wraps with a final benchmark class and a collective gift of donation to a  community non-profit (Christian Center, NAC, EATS Park City) before the offseason, which lasts one week. This time is unique to this environment because it encourages teammates to find their own way for the week, try new classes, recruit other "beauzos" to explore options around town together and most recently... head out on a BeauCo retreat (Los Cabos & NYC- more to come there). It also serves as time and space for necessary repairs, cleaning, updates and adjustments to the upcoming session and Whitney & Lindsay field trip out to try new workouts, expand programming and sleep in... sometimes.


These teammates who may have not known each other, but now sweat and socialize and "goal tend" each other are somewhat like family now.  "B" apparel circulates throughout town, subtlety announcing one's sweaty efforts & membership in this underground happy place. Local businesses such as lululemon, Whole Foods, Skullcandy, Ruth's Chris, All Good, Pro Bar, Silver King, Abode, Cotopaxi, Jupiter Mountain, Silver King, Soul Poles, Splendor, Hugo Coffee and Motherlode have all sweated and shared their company story with the groups. And now, after 18 months of effort, growth, goal getting, word play, social fusing, brand building, programming, and relocating; a fitness & social society has been established in a mountain town that didn't even know that they wanted it.  ​

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