Tony Pavlantos

PROBAR® Athlete
From: Salt lake City, Utah - Bariloche, Argentina - Haines, Alaska
Focus: Alpinism Snowboarding

Two decades of backcountry snowboarding has allowed me to expand my knowledge in the mountains where I am immersed in studying the science of avalanches and training to mitigate, work and live in backcountry terrain. Working alongside industry professionals who jointly share a passion for the mountains is the backbone of coming home from climbing and riding snow all four seasons of the year. The published photos, video projects and first descents are a cumulative effort of hard work from everyone in the crew.

When I was 4, I first stood sideways on my sled gliding down my driveway in the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico. Around the same time I began climbing the sandstone in which my house was precisely perched. The rock traverses turned to limestone and as I ascended higher I found myself in fields of granite where the sky became the limit and the only thinkable way to get down was to ride the snowfields adjoining. I think the education and continued dedication to climbing and riding mountains just set in place as my personal sanctuary. My annual trips to Alaska entail riding their large steep and remote ranges as my primary seasonal goal. Hiking the lines which most get dropped off in a helicopter on is a skill set I strive to progress at. My eight week stretches of guiding clients in the Andes out of Bariloche Argentina is where I share my passion for the mountains with all who seek a new experience. I see new friends reach influential highs as they are shown new terrain progressing to the upper end of their skill set... I think when it is said and done I am striving to live as self sufficiently as possible and share its intricacy with the world.

PROBAR® is a local company providing clean and great tasting energy. Local and vegan are my two highest standards and PROBAR® meets them both!

When Not Adventuring

When I am not on snow I am designing my line of backcountry equipment and running my local business Off the Grid Smoothies and Cafe. I began Naturol Fuels LLC five years ago as it opened my chapter for living through the use of alternative fuels. Now my lifestyle is directly interlaced with my occupation. Cook, Train, Teach, Study, Sleep, Laugh, Live, Love!


The formulation of a new project has been in the works for several years defined as the world traverse. Via sun, wind, water, and ice. As you see this unfold you will surely realize you want to join and you are more than welcome to do exactly that.. The first stretch is Yakatat Alaska to Ushuaia Argentina. If you are in our path just look for the catamaran sailing by, the bike car in motion, or if you happen to be in the desert and see a large dust cloud and hear no motor it is probably us. This is a sculpture that moves freely through any terrain in its path. Fueled by nature and subsistence living off the land and Woofing ( a practice in which one helps local farms with their crops in trade for food. . The focus is to educate, inform and survive as the athletes endure it all. You can follow this project as it unfolds on ProBars Facebook page.

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