Trinity Ludwig

PROBAR® Athlete
From: Fargo, ND
Focus: Lightweight backpacking, hiking, backcountry skiing, ice and rock climbing, trail running

After five years of working in the cutthroat field of investment banking, Trinity Ludwig, an avid outdoorswoman, needed some sunlight and an adventure. It came in the form of an incredible eleven-month hike with two girlfriends up the spine of South America (completed August 2012). They were quickly dubbed the "Tres Chicas Locas" (three crazy girls) by locals learning of their Andean hiking endeavor. Read more at:

Now back in the states, she returned to investment banking but on a "lightweight" schedule so she can get outside a lot more. She can be found (mostly) in the Colorado Rockies hiking before sunrise, trail running in the dark after work, setting first ski tracks, or climbing with friends. She also canoes, rafts, ice climbs and occasionally ultra-lounges (preferably outside). She also guides exploratory backpacking expeditions for Pacific Biodiviersity Institute in the remote wildlands of northern Argentina to lead toward its preservation.

Being intentional about my diet in the backcountry is just as important as in the front country. Despite my die-hard lightweight mentality, I always surprise people with the (heavy) produce I pull out of my pack – usually including avocados, kiwis and dark leafy greens. In the backcountry, I start and end my often times 30+ mile days with PROBAR. I kick off the morning with a calorie punch from the PROBAR Meal Bar (usually Chocolate Coconut, my favorite). It allows me to hit the trail bright and early while maximizing caloric intake and not fussing with food preparation. I end the day with a COREBAR dessert (usually Mint) to keep me warm sleeping under my tarp (or stars!) and to ensure I’m getting my daily protein allowance.

When Not Adventuring

I love to cook healthy vegetable-centric meals in my lightweight 465 square foot Boulder condo that I share with my partner, Jake, and black and fuzzy adventure buddy, Pali.


Among numerous local and international adventures planned for this year, I'm always looking to lighten my pack. Yes, even more. I average a 5 – 6 pound baseweight for most backpacking trips and aim to get down to 4 – 5 pounds. I'm always concocting new and simpler ideas for lightening my pack while simultaneously being more comfortable in the backcountry – whatever the sport. It's a fun logic problem of sorts!

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