Bonding With PROBAR®

October 6, 2009

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It’s always great to from soldiers who are enjoying PROBAR®. SGT Heather Holland wrote to us about the benefits of PROBAR® for herself and for her twin sister.

As a soldier in the U.S. Army, active duty, I travel frequently. While visiting my family in Colorado during “Rest and Recovery” of my second deployment in Iraq, I shared a Cocoa Pistachio PROBAR® with my twin sister. She is a vegan so it takes extra effort to surprise her with a meal.

I had seen an award for Best of Foods in 2009 in Whole Foods Magazine, which gave me the idea. Eating out can be limiting for vegans, so this was convenient and new for her. While away, I often worry she is not getting sufficient nutrition in her diet, so it was great to introduce her to a meal option that she enjoys.

I myself have shipped boxes of different PROBAR® flavors to my camp in the desert. The bars are small enough to carry in my cargo pockets, or toss into a backpack. I enjoy them while out on mission, or as a healthy meal replacement anytime. Now my twin sister and I have something extra to share while we are apart.


Each customer whose “Your PROBAR® Story” is published here on the blog will receive a Seventh Heaven Pack which is one PROBAR® of each of the original flavors. We love to hear from our customers about their PROBAR® story so if you’ve got one share it with us.

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