Choices That Change Your Life

October 14, 2009

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What makes the difference between the many times you resolve to get in shape and the time when you actually do? Well factors change for every person but having something healthy that you actually want to eat has got to help! Mike Moshier shared his story of transferring to a more healthy lifestyle. Congratulations Mike! You’re inspiring to the rest of us who need to take another shot at healthy living!

My name is Mike Moshier. I just wanted to send you a quick thank you and share a little story with you.

When I met my wife 8 years ago I was in decent shape (and had a pretty high metabolism). Since then though life has gotten busier and I started to fall out of shape.  Traci (my wife) and I have three wonderful kids.  With three kids and working a retail schedule my workouts became less and less frequent.  And unfortunately my weight gain became more and more frequent.

About three years ago I decided I was going to get my butt into shape.  I started working out on a regular basis, started competing in adventure races and last year decided I was going to run a triathlon.  Well I got in to shape, but because I didn’t change my eating habits my weight didn’t go down much.

In June, I decided that I was going to begin really watching what I ate.  I began watching my calories (obliviously I kept up on my training) and every day for lunch I have either an Art’s Original or a Whole Berry Blast.  The change in my weight was almost instant.  I dropped 5 pounds the first week and now two months later and 25 pounds lighter.  I feel more energized and better about myself.

So long story short…Thanks!  And your bars are awesome!

Mike Moshier


Each customer whose “Your PROBAR® Story” is published here on the blog will receive a Seventh Heaven Pack which is one PROBAR® of each of the original flavors. We love to hear from our customers about their PROBAR® story so if you’ve got one share it with us.

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  1. Hi!
    I was wondering if you guys would like to provide me with samples of your products. i would love to try them and post reviews on my blog. I would also like to do a giveaway if you guys could sponsor that as well. My blog is dedicated towards healthy living, fitness, and nutritional food information for my readers. Thank you!

    -Junghwa Chung

  2. the more often people actually ride their bikes = better fitness. Electric bikes by can supply these. Eating probar is a good way to keep up your energy level too.

  3. I was really hungry after I had some body work done and my massage therapist offered me a Pro Bar. I had eaten McDonalds much earlier that day and was aware of the nutrients (or not) in what I had eaten. As I compared the ingredients and nutrients of the two, I about fell over. I ate the whole darn yummy bar on the way home, and now have stocked the car, my house, and my drawer at work so that I can eat a good yummy “meal” whenever I get hungry! Thank you for Pro Bar! Mary

  4. They sound amazing. I am always looking for a decent meal replacement since I have very little time for cooking a decent meal.
    Tomorrow is my Whole Foods Market day, I hope you guys sell them there . Thanks!

  5. Scott

    I have two requests:
    1) make a lower fat version. One third of my fat in one bar is way too much. And nearly half the calories!
    2) make the packaging less deceptive. You are taking a page from the snack food people you hold yourself above by making the package 50% bigger than the actual product. This also wastes materials which is contrary to the values you espouse.

    I do like the taste, but refrain from buying due to the above.

    Thanks for considering.