Choosing PROBAR® for Ironman Training

October 20, 2013

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Katie from Utah writes in to tell us about how valuable and delicious PROBAR® was for her Ironman Training:

I discovered PROBAR® because I had heard about how delicious and healthy the bars were. I was looking to try something new for long bike rides when training for my first Ironman and picked one up at the whole foods across the street for where I live. I tried it out on a 70 miler the next day and was hooked. The taste and consistency was so satisfying unlike some other products I had used in the past. The major selling point was the little amount I had to eat for the long lasting energy it gave me. Often having to run off of long bike rides it is key that I pre load calories on the bike and PROBAR® is packed with plenty of calories that carry over into the run. I also love the fact that it feels like I am getting a really substantial amount of nutrients while riding. I love everything about PROBAR® from its appealing packaging to the unique flavor combinations, my favorites being chocolate coconut and oatmeal raisin! It’s also based out of Utah which is where live!



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