Customer Love: Melissa Raue

November 18, 2011

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Check out this great story from Melissa Raue.  We would love to hear your PROBAR® story….let us know what you think and we may even send you a box of PROBARS!

I am a rock climber, always looking for a portable, digestible, convenient prepackaged healthy snack to throw in my pack. I am also a fussy eater, in that I find it hard to digest a lot of things when I am exercising. Most ‘meal replacement bars’ are too dense and not very tasty. Because I should eat, I end up eating half of them and the other half is even more inedible by the following day.

I bought a case of PROBAR® ‘Superfood Slam from The Clymb website and I am thrilled! They are delicious; moist and fruity, yet 11 grams of protein to keep me going. If I don’t eat all, they are still moist and good days later. When other people saw them, their reaction was””that looks disgusting!”” (they are green/brown because of the healthy ‘greens blend’), but when they tried a piece they said “”Hey! That is GOOD!””. I ended up giving away most of my precious case. I haven’t found any other varieties yet, but I am certainly going to look for them.


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