Meeting PROBAR®

October 2, 2009

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People find PROBAR® in all sorts of different ways but the emotion of trying PROBAR® for the first time is the same. Is this bar really different from all the other bars already tried and rejected? Shaula Leake relates the story of her first experience with PROBAR®.

As I innocently stocked our shelves with the mundane, boring old bars that we usually carry in the store where I work I saw, no it couldn’t be! Yes, it is, a NEW BAR!! But, could it be as flavorful and healthy as the package made it seem? Or, would it simply be another one of “those” bars. You know the ones, hard as a fossil, tastes like gritty protein horse feed and looks like, well something awful. I cautiously opened the package and BAM had a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket moment! It looked like REAL food. The first taste would seal the deal, would this be the bar that could bring me back from the depths of blandness? Yes! YES!! This is my BAR SAVIOR!

Each customer whose “Your PROBAR® Story” is published here on the blog will receive a Seventh Heaven Pack which is one PROBAR® of each of the original flavors. We love to hear from our customers about their PROBAR® story so if you’ve got one share it with us.

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