November 29, 2011

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We wanted to share with you a nice note we got from Brian.  He uses PROBAR® and HALO to fuel his long bike rides……How does PROBAR® fuel you?

Just wanted to say thanks for the great products. Been using the Superfood Slam, Whole Berry Blast and Cran Lemon bars as a snack and use them as a mix in for my greek yogurt as well.

Also, started using the Halo Nutty Marshmallow bars to fuel my bike rides. Last week I went on my longest ride to date; a 76 mile ride in the Laurel Highlands that had nearly 8,600 ft of climbing in over 90 degree heat. Used the Halo bar as my primary source of fuel for the ride and the bars worked great. Had energy the entire ride and felt great the day after as well.

I have been spreading the word on these bars to the my fellow cyclists and trail running friends.

Thanks again for the great products.




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  1. Great fuel for the fire in Probars, and I’de appreciate your feedback as to exactly what attributes makes you choose Probars, for a review I’m doing of athletes that use meal replacement bars.
    thanks very much!
    Dr Wendy Pollock DC, CCH