PROBAR®, My Hero

October 21, 2013

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Lisa from New York, NY is one smart lady. When her fiance decides to take her on an intense backpacking trip she does what any sensible person would do… stock up on PROBARs. Read her story:

It was only my second time backpacking, and the time before had been just an overnight, half a mile down a trail and close to the car.

This time, for three nights, we were going to backpack the Presidential Traverse in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. At the time, I had just met my fiance five months prior, and since he was a big backpacker and hiker, he knew the traverse would be an amazing trip for us to bond on an adventure.

And so, we went along. I bought every type of PROBAR® I could find at the local REI before we went. Since we’re both vegetarians and into whole foods, they were the perfect choice. They’re dense and filling, provide lots of nutrients, and are super tasty. I swear they saved me a few times when my energy and blood sugar levels felt shot.

In the end, we did the whole traverse, through nearly twisted ankles and tears and more body aches than I’d ever felt in my life. PROBARS sure helped, especially the ones with chocolate. :)

— Lisa Fine


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