Recharging Your Body

October 13, 2009

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Do you ever wonder how it is that some people never seem to lose energy? Here’s the secret–they know what to eat and when. The next time you’re doing sports or trying to make it through a hectic day, do yourself a favor and take a PROBAR® with you. Trust me, your body will thank you. Rob Pizem is a professional rock climber who uses PROBAR® to keep himself energetic through the climb. Check out his story–

I just returned from a summer trip to the magic islands in northern Norway and it wasn’t complete without PROBAR®. We took lots of climbing gear and of course nearly a hundred PROBARs!

The most satisfying part of the trip was sitting on a belay ledge, high on a granite big wall overlooking the crystal clear blue water and reenergizing with a delicious PROBAR®. They came in handy when we were depleting our protein stores, losing energy and needing a wonderful taste in our mouths! PROBAR® hit the spot every single time.

Since they worked so well, we knew that they were an essential part of our team while we established our own new 1000 foot route on a deserted island. When our hunger called, we answered with calorie packed PROBAR®. By the end of our two week adventure, every member of our 5 member team was hooked on PROBAR®. Thanks so much.

Rob Pizem : )


Each customer whose “Your PROBAR® Story” is published here on the blog will receive a Seventh Heaven Pack which is one PROBAR® of each of the original flavors. We love to hear from our customers about their PROBAR® story so if you’ve got one share it with us.

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  1. Cindy Gibbons

    For health reasons, I purchased my first 3 pro bars at my local health food store. I have always eaten poorly and the consequences I am living with now have to do with my fibroid tumors. I have made a radical change in my eating lifestyle and PRO Bar is a part of it. I tried for the first time the SUPERFOOD SLAM….WOW!! It tastes great and is full of all the healthy foods a person can ask for, and this is the perfect meal for busy professionals like me. Thank you for this fine product, you have just merited a life time customer and a life time walking, talking advertisement promoting your product. Even if you are not making a nutrition turn around these are wonderful, on the go meals….Thank you again!
    Cindy Gibbons