Eating Cran-Lemon in the Cranberry Route

June 2, 2009

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Good friends. We’re fortunate enough to have found more than a few along the road that has gotten PROBAR® to where it is today. One of them is Kent Ebersole, who was key in helping PROBAR® along a few years back but who is now the publisher of Backpacker magazine.

Kent Ebersole in the Cranberry Route of the Grand Canyon

On a recent trip to the Grand Canyon as he and a team descended a seldom traveled slot canyon, one of his team members just happened to pull out a Cran-Lemon PROBAR® and Kent captured this and sent it our way with this message. Great to hear from you Kent!

Hey Gang,

Eating a Cran-Lemon Twister is great but probably doesn’t warrant me emailing you.

However, after slogging 4,000 feet down from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, through a narrow, wet slot (third group to complete this slot ever!) to the Colorado River and then needling my way back up to the top via a relatively perilous and off trail route, all over 5 days…..well, probably still doesn’t warrant a mention.

But if the narrow and steep ascent is through a chute called the Cranberry Route (not on any map) and my team decides to take a break before the ascent and one member pulls out a Cran-Lemon Twister….just too serendipitous to not mention.

So, you see a photo of Nat Smale, a mathematics professor from University of Utah, Salt Lake City and his energy of choice to get out of this mess we were in. Plus a few of me, ascending and swimming – all powered by PROBAR®.

Thanks to you all.

Nat Smale enjoying a Cran-Lemon PROBAR® in the Grand Canyon

Swimming through the Cranberry Route slot canyon in the Grand Canyon

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