Even the non-Birkenstock Crowd Eat PROBAR®

December 27, 2007

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Some say that Wenatchee, Washington is in the middle of no-where. I’d say it’s in the middle of everywhere.

Within a couple hour radius you’ve got two national parks, the Columbia River right through town, plenty of high country and other backwoods locations, lakes, rock climbing, ice climbing, and more. It’s pretty sweet if you ask me.

Another cool feature of Wenatchee is an online resource called JustGetOut.net which covers human powered outdoor activities and adventures for the area. This is what they recently had to say about PROBAR®:

…Not being Birkenstock wearers we’ll confess we like them because they taste good, taste different than the old faithfuls (PowerBars, Balance Bars, etc), and because they’re twice the size (3 ounces) of most energy bars. If you’re fussy about the fuel you feed to your body, PROBARs are a worthy choice…

Here’s a video link that tells you a bit more about JustGetOut.net.
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