Fairweather Natural Foods – Where it all Started

August 6, 2008

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Every brand or product has to have a start. For PROBAR®, Fairweather Natural Foods in Park City, Utah was our starting place. They were the first retailer to give us a chance, to open up a bit of shelf space for this funky new silver packaged locally made energy bar.

But it goes farther than that. PROBAR® founder Art Eggertsen was a regular customer of Fairweather and brought his training clients in for the best food source in Park City.

When Art started cooking up his prototype bars, he would source ingredients through Jen (the owner) so that he knew quality was the best.

“I knew he was working on it since he was a regular customer of ours. This was long before anyone else was involved and it was just Art in his kitchen. He’d come in and order ingredients in bulk, often times ordering them from our suppliers.”

Fairweather Natural Foods - Where it all Started

A couple of weeks ago I visited Fairweather and asked owner Jen Rattray why she continued to sell PROBAR®. Aside from having Art as a long time customer, she was excited that other locals took to the bars and bought them on a regular basis.

“What he was making was so different from any other product we carried that the interest was natural.”

Over the years as PROBAR® went from one to now 12 bars, Fairweather has been selling them all. We’re so glad to have had them as a retail partner all these years.

About Fairweather Natural Foods

Since 1992, Fairweather Natural Foods has been a Park City favorite for real home cooking and natural products.

From their world famous “Everything Cookie” and my personal favorite “Miracle Muffin” which has won local awards to the home cooked meals Fairweather is the perfect place for breakfast, lunch or just good natural product shopping.

Fairweather Natural Foods in Park City Utah - the kitchen of magical foods Fairweather Natural Foods in Park City Utah - the best home made soups around!

The kitchen is unique in that you feel somewhat like you’re part of the family. Daily soups are always creative and tasty. If you’re in Park City, Utah you owe it to yourself to check them out.

Fairweather Natural Foods
1270 Iron Horse Drive (lnk to Google Maps)
Park City, Utah

Fairweather Natural Foods in Park City, Utah - Just like home

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  1. Luke Evans

    Fairweather Rocks! Friendly Staff and I love the Homeade Sandwiches in the Fridge.