Fuel – The Superfood Energy Bar

August 27, 2013

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That’s right we changed the name of our trusty Fruition product to now be called PROBAR Fuel. Why? Because it’s a more accurate depiction of what its formulated to do. Its the PROBAR for Fast Energy & Hydration Support.  Go ahead, dig in and fuel up with this gluten-free bar’s superfruits, cashews and oats.  It’s soft, chewy, and it’s a full serving of fruit – a scrumptious snack for action-packed days.  We balanced this blend with chia seeds to regulate hydration and raw oats for easy-to-digest energy.

Highlights: Gluten-Free | Chia Seeds | Full Serving of Fruit | Non-GMO Project Verifed

PROBAR Non-GMO Energy Bars Blueberry Fuel

PROBAR Non-GMO Energy Bars Cherry FuelPROBAR Non-GMO Energy Bars Cranrasberry FuelPROBAR Non-GMO Energy Bars Strawberry Fuel

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