Guatemala Surf Sessions

April 15, 2009

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One of the most rewarding aspects of being involved with a company like PROBAR® is the number of people that we get to know and become friends with. Below is a story that we received from one of those great friends of PROBAR®.


I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for the PROBARs you guys gave to me for the trip to Guatemala. I hear my daughter, Sophia, continued to eat her PROBARs every day while I was gone.

Walter Wilhelm Surfing in Guatemala

As you know may remember I was in Guatemala for a little over a week, primarily to surf. Last time I was there PROBARS really saved us as a post-surf food to get our energy back up. This time they were even more important.

We normally access the surf break via a quad runner. This time the quad runner and the dune buggy both broke so it was a 4 KM walk there and a 4 KM walk back across burning hot, black sand beaches.

Walter Wilhelm Surfing in Guatemala

After surfing in head high surf with nobody out for 3 or so hours, 4 KM can seem like a desert death march in blazing tropical sun. We quickly learned that a bottle of water and a PROBAR® buried in the sand for consumption after our surf session could make for a great break and a good way to get refueled for our walk back to the house.

I went to Guatemala with a little over 2 cases of bars and had only 3 left at the end. Francis, the guy who owns the house down there, asked if he could keep the rest because he liked them so much, and can’t get them down there. I’ve sent a few photos of us consuming the bars. The last one is shot in the car on our last day after one of our best surf sessions the entire trip (and we had a car for transportation, finally).

Thank you again. The bars were awesome and contributed to making the trip a great and memorable experience.

– Walter M. Wilhelm

Glassy Surfing Conditions in Guatemala

Walter Wilhelm Surfing in Guatemala

Surf Town in Guatemala

Glassy Surfing Conditions in Guatemala

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  1. Kendall

    Even though I posted this, I really have to say that I love these pictures. That beach looks so tempting given there is fresh snow in my driveway.

    Warm water, swim trunks no shirt, warm sand…and PROBAR? sigh…

  2. Jason - PROBAR sales
    Jason - PROBAR sales

    Looks fantastic. Sign me up! Glad PROBAR is a small part of your adventures William. Cheers!