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June 17, 2009

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Amie from the Healthy Apple blog who is not only a blogger but also a nutritionist in the “Big Apple” recently posted a review about some PROBAR® products.  We’re flattered by her review but what makes this more interesting is that within her reivew she shared comments from her clients regarding the bars.

Here are a couple:

  • “The PROBAR® is not an ‘empty’ snack bar with fake ingredients that you can’t pronounce.  I love to munch on these between meals to hold me over to satisfy my sweet/carb craving.”
  • “When my schedule is such that stopping for lunch is not possible, the PROBAR® fills the bill!”

In addition to the review, Amie shared with us her thoughts about PROBAR®.  Here is her $.02.

PROBARS are amazing products; I would recommend them to anyone! Your bars are simply the best. Every PROBAR® I have tasted from your company has been delicious and my clients love the vast array of unique flavors! I encourage all of my clients to use your products and I would highly recommend your foods to anyone. They are exceptional quality for the price and make snacking and cooking a fabulous meal a breeze!

As a nutritionist, I consume all natural foods and the fact that each bar is vegan, 100% organic, made from quality ingredients, as well as incredibly satisfying- makes it a winner in my book! The great news is that my clients do not crave sweets anymore! Thank you PROBAR®! My clients are finished hitting up the vending machine—now they simply unwrap their delicious PROBARS and fuel up; they are thrilled to have tasty bars in their pantry for themselves and their children.

Amie Valpone

Thanks Amie! Check out the rest of the cllent comments as well as the Healthy Apple blog where Amie posts some really helpful recipes and information about food and nutrition. It’s worth the click for sure.

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