How to Stay Grounded, Stay Energized, and Stay YOU During Long Days

July 7, 2015

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stay energized stay youLora Hogan is a yoga teacher, a runner and a blogger. In this story she gives some advice on how to keep it together during those long hard days that life inevitably throws your way. Be sure to check out her blog regularly for more zen, health and wellness.

My days can be crazy.

I mean CRAZY.

On any given day I could have to go to back-to-back meetings, write two-three blog posts, post my own social media, post various business social media, participate in Instagram Challenge, hop on a Twitter chat, teach yoga clients (private and group classes), get in my own yoga practice (60-90 minutes), as WELL as get in my training runs or prepare for a race. Oh! It can make me tired just reading about it.

In all seriousness, I am go go go go go. Some days I get up at 5:30 am and I may not get to fully rest until midnight. Talk about a long day!

Thankfully I have TWO things in my favor that help me stay grounded and stay energized: yoga and PROBAR.

I can handle any stress that comes my way thanks to these magnificent things. (And I don’t think I could survive without one or the other.)

Here’s how you can help stay grounded thanks to yoga and PROBAR, too!!


stay grounded stay energized


Start with ME time!

I make sure to start every day with “me” time.  I write in my journal. I eat a good breakfast. I savor my coffee. I also do a few gentle stretches. Often if I need a quick spike in energy, I will play with handstands at the wall (shown below).  I get my body moving at home before I go anywhere, so that I can feel 100% me before any hurdles have come at me!.


stay grounded stay energized


Snack, Snack, SNACK!!

I’ve become a snacker. I know what snack is best and when to have it before my clients, meetings, yoga classes, runs and more.

For example, the Bolt Energy Chews are my favorite! I sometimes multitask and have them WHILE I’m sitting in a yoga-related stretch to counter-balance my running. (Hey–that’s being uber productive, right?!) They are also my go-to snack before 90 minute yoga classes or long workshops–both teaching AND practicing.

I also plan out my snacks, you’ve got to! I’ll schedule a PROBAR bite snack attack after a meeting or a yoga session, especially when I know I’ll have to wait a while before I can cook a quality meal! (Because did I mention I’m also a foodie? I love love love to cook and eat and put time and effort into everything that goes into my body.)


stay grounded stay energized


Stop Drop and YOGA!!

I make time to, as they say in Instagram, #StopDropAndYoga each and every day.  So in between meetings, while I’m at my desk–I’ll sneak away from the computer before a snack break and do a few stretches.  Even if you only have time to stretch your shoulders or do a mini back-bend, the benefits are amazing!! I also often will pop a squat variation on child’s pose.  This opens my lower back and can be done *almost* everywhere. I haven’t had the guts to try it somewhere like a grocery store yet, but power to you if you do! (I bet if you did it at Whole Foods you’d make some new friends who would join in!) It’s great because you don’t have to even put your hands on the ground if you’re somewhere dirty or icky. You can just wrap them around your knees and give yourself a gentle squeeze.


Unwind every night!

No matter how tired you are, no matter how busy you are, no matter the to do list, the day, etc. end each day the way you began–with relaxation and “you” time. Spend time with your family, your friends, UNWIND. Also take a few minutes just for you to reflect upon your day.  You’ll often find me ending my day the exact same way I began–by going upside down.  This time, however, I stick with a gentle legs up the wall pose.  Especially if I’ve had a long training run or a race that day, you will be hard-pressed to keep me away from this pose! I even do this in hotels, friend’s houses, you name it! It’s great to relieve tired muscles, promotes relaxation (it’s a known aid to insomnia) and it just feels amazingly calming and restoring! Give it a shot!

How do you keep yourself going during harried and busy times? What are your favorite tricks to keep you calm, centered, and energized?