It’s Just So Fun Sharing

June 2, 2009

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Jules, the President of PROBAR® recently sent me this update from his vacation. Yes, on vacation but like all of us here at PROBAR® inescapably ready for any opportunity to share PROBAR®.

In this case,  Jules had the new PROBAR® fruition snack bar sample in a Koka Moka wrapper and bumped into some lucky gals at NIKE Town.  Check it out.

I met these three lovely ladies at Nike Town while Sara was buying shoes. [Edit: Jules is a shoe connoisseur so I’m certain he was also perusing the shoes at NIKE]

They asked what I do and just happened to have a strawberry fruition bar in a Koka Moka package to share with the women of the Roewe family and they loved it!  They bought shoes and will be looking for fruition in about a month.

Roewe Family at Nike Town

Rhonda (mom), Sara (right), Rachael (center)

On vacation, but they were hungry and I couldn’t help myself…

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