Employee Spotlight: David Luhr

September 20, 2014

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Hello there. I’m David. I’m new with PROBAR this year, and I look forward to many more years ahead! I do graphic design and a variety of marketing projects around here that keep my day interesting and fresh.

Here are 10 random facts about me:

  1. I love all things two-wheeled. I used to race motocross and desert enduros, but now I keep it engine-less with my singlespeed commuter and BMX bike.
  2. My favorite genres of books are Science Fiction and Personal Finance. Now, if only there were more books on Investing in Space…
  3. Waking up early and seeing the sunrise is my favorite way to start the day.
  4. My favorite PROBAR is every PROBAR. They all taste too good to choose.
  5. I live to travel. I lived in Japan for the summer of 2012 and I hope to eventually go back for a longer stay.
  6. Can we just vote to banish summer and extend spring, fall, and winter by a month each? It’s too hot out there!
  7. I lead a community meetup group for Minimalism and Simple Living. Less is definitely more.
  8. There isn’t enough time in the day for BMX, woodworking, art, climbing, cooking, reading, camping, photography; I think I have too many hobbies.
  9. My girlfriend threatened to leave me should I ever shave my beard. I think I’m the luckiest guy ever.
  10. My favorite part of working at PROBAR is everyone really lives by the core values we talk about. We all spend a lot of our time being active, enjoying real food, and having a great time while working together.

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