Meet The Blogger: Jesse

September 27, 2014

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Hello All! My name is Jesse and I’m new here at PROBAR. I’m the digital marketing manager so you’ll be seeing a lot from me!

10. I am originally from Denver, CO and am a huge Broncos fan
9. I grew up playing ice hockey and still play in an adult league today
8. I was a first chair saxophone player in middle school but haven’t played since 8th grade
7. I love gardening and eating fresh vegetables. This summer I only went to the farmer’s market once because my garden was supplying plenty of veggies
6. I got engaged in July and am getting married in August of 2015
5. My favorite winter sport is skiing, specifically backcountry skiing. And in the summer I love fly fishing and mountain biking
4. I can’t stand cats
3. After college I backpacked solo around South America for 6 months. My favorite country was Peru
2. I receive free Slurpees on my birthday…7/11
1. I love shoes and my closet is overflowing with them

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