New Vegan Meal Bars In Town

September 3, 2014

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Have you tried our two new vegan Meal bar flavors?  Almond Crunch and Strawberry Bliss were recently added to the PROBAR Meal line and have quickly become our favorites.

PROBAR Strawberry Bliss and Almond Crunch Bars

Almond Crunch is a simply sweet dairy-free bar that will pair perfectly with any drink such as almond milk. It boasts the satisfying taste of sweet almonds mixed with creamy cashews. Made especially for the almond lover in you!  Click here to learn more about this delicious vegan meal bar.

Almond Crunch Bar

Strawberry Bliss is a vegan bar the whole family will eat with its mouthwatering strawberries that will keep everyone satisfied.  Strawberry Bliss will fulfill your cravings with its sweet bounty.  For more goodness click here.

Strawberry Bliss Bar

What do you think of the new bars?

Try them today!

PROBAR Almond Crunch Sleeve

PROBAR Strawberry Bliss Sleeve

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