On the Street – Democratic National Convention

August 26, 2008

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Luke just checked in from Denver at the Democratic National Convention which we posted about earlier and had a few photos to share of the scene.

Pictures from the Huffington Post Oasis

A nice selection of reading materials, some bars from Clif and our very own PROBAR®, a true meal replacement energy rich package of paradise. I think I see Superfood Slam and Art’s Original blend in there. They really need to try Maple Pecan.

Huffington Post Oasis at the Democratic National Convention

Huffington Post Oasis goodies at the Democratic National Convention

Tax Meat – PETA

Luke bumped into these folks from PETA with a TaxMeat.com message. Of course they’d like PROBAR® – we’re 100% vegan! (don’t tell the gal but she’s holding the Superfood Slam upside down)

DNC Tax Meat

New Belgium Brewery

Also present at the convention is a number of companies, among them is New Belgium Brewery with their “Carbon Free Parking” lot of bikes that is a part of their Team Wonderbike program. Team Wonderbike is all about the bike. Why? In their own words:

Human-powered, carbon-free, and more fun than walking, driving or running in place – the bicycle offers an elegant solution to so many issues.
All that AND it’s good for you.

New Belgium Brewery at the Democratic National Convention in Denver

If you aren’t making it to Denver for the convention, you can still get your own Carbon Free Parking lot….Follow your folly.

Update: Thanks to their Fat Tire Ale, New Belgium and Bicycles have been synonymous. Here’s a great little video from them that I dig.

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