Organic Cardamom Seed – It’s Inside Too

May 6, 2007

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Cardamom seed – ever heard of it? Until recently when I was looking closely at the ingredients of the Koka Moka PROBAR® I hadn’t heard of it either. I could see Jay Leno using the cardamom seed for his next Jay walking segment – “What is a cardamom seed?”. The responses would be all over the board. Are you paying attention Jay? Anyway….

So why would we put organic cardamom seed in PROBAR®? Because we needed yet another seed in the already seed/nut rich PROBAR®? Not exactly.

Firstly cardamom seeds have some important medicinal uses such as preventing and treating throat problems, helping with indigestion, treating teeth and gum infections, and as a member of the ginger family it can be useful in treating inflammation. According to the Herbal Nature blog “these seeds are also used as an excellent cover-up for liquor breath.” Hmmm, note to self…

Secondly cardamom seeds are rich in flavor as well as being quite “rich” as one of the most expensive spices by weight, second only to saffron. The flavor it provides adds a strong and unique flavor typically used in Indian cuisine.

So next time you take a bite of a Koka Moka you’ll know a bit more about what’s inside, like the cardamom seed, iand that it’s not there by chance.

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