Outdoor Retailer Show Feedback Video

March 10, 2009

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Last month while in full swing at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, Utah we had the chance to talk with a number of passionate PROBAR® fans.  This is one of them.

The booth during OR was on a side aisle where it seemed there were the perpetual traffic jams as people tested the bar flavors.

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1 Comment

  1. Gerrit

    I haven’t found anything as close to perfection as the ProBar. Nothing can compare to the ingredients and the quality of them and I think they are worth every dollar.

    They have been my choice for lunch, too. I can only hope you all will stay around in these economically challenging times as I can’t imagine not having them available.

    Any plans to expand your product range to include perhaps drinks, energy-snacks, or meals as well?

    You need a social media presence…where is the facebook fan-page? :-)

    Best regards from Baltimore,