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April 13, 2009

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There are so many good blogs and websites out there talking about health and beauty that it shouldn’t be a surprise when one of them notices PROBAR®.  But I was both surprised and excited to see that The Luxury Spot reviewed PROBAR®, specifically the Kettle Corn bar from the Sweet & Savory line up.

Aside from saying that “PROBARs are delish!” here’s what else The Luxury Spot had to say about PROBAR®

Back in March someone turned me on to the joy that is Probar (for those of you Spanish speakers, it’s no coincidnce that the name is a delish verb’¦ try it, you’ll love it), and now I can’t go a day without one.

I’ve been using the Kettle Corn flavored granola bar as a meal replacement on insane days at work’¦ and it’s 400 calories well spent!  It’s salty, sweet, full of fiber (speaking of cleaning), and reasonably priced.

Check out The Luxury Spot website for a lot of really good tips on beauty, health, style and some really talented writing from women who are in the know.

The Luxury Spot

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