PROBAR® Roadtrippers at ShredFest

April 20, 2009

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When thinking of Great Climbing Destinations, New Mexico might not be first on the list. Come to find out there are some pretty Sweet areas close to Albuquerque.

This past weekend, Amanda and I attended the Shredfest Bouldering Comp and Trail Clean-up at U-mound which is a local Bouldering area just minutes from ABQ. It was a pretty good turn-out considering the weather preceding was looking Grim.

 Snowy RV

Stone Age Climbing Gym hosted this event and we were able to sneak-in as a sponsor at the last minute. Rightfully called “Shredfest” because the texture of these boulders allow only a couple of hours before your Fingertips are shredded.

Shred Problem

We had a blast meeting all of the friendly local climber’s and handing out bars to people who hadn’t tried them before. One woman actually had an Art’s Original bar with her already!



All in all it was a Great Day and an Excellent opportunity to “Share the Bar”

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1 Comment

  1. Jason

    Nice going luke, looks like fun. 2nd place… MASTER OF STONE!