PROBAR® Tops Mount Everest with the SuperSherpas Expedition

May 26, 2007

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On May 16, 2007 our friend Scott McIntosh, MD reached the summit of Mount Everest, fueled by PROBAR®. He was a team member of the SuperSherpas Expedition and was along as part of a medical team that was conducting medical studies along side some of the top high altitude Sherpa climbers in the world. Namely Apa Sherpa who is the world record holder with 17 summits of Mount Everest.

One of the struggles that climbers and ultra athletes find in long and sustained efforts like climbing Mount Everest is to find a food source that provides enough healthy calories to replace the energy they are burning. Additionally it has to taste good when most anything you try to force down tastes like cardboard to your palate. For climbing Mount Everest and to meet his nutritional needs Dr. McIntosh chose PROBAR®.

Here he is shown at the summit of Mount Everest on May 16 with an Apple Cinnamon PROBAR® wrapper (he ate the bar during the ascent)

Eating a PROBAR on top of Mount Everest

Image credit Scott McIntosh and the SuperSherpa Expedition

Dr. McIntosh was part of a medical team that was studying the unique athleticism and the “unique features of their physiology” referring to the two primary Sherpa from the SuperSherpas Expedition, namely Apa Sherpa and Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa, who together now have 31 Everest summits between them.

Congratulations Scott on making the summit and BIG UPS to Apa and Lhakpa Gelu for making it to the top in World Record setting fasion but most of all thank you for your efforts to raise awareness about the amazing Sherpa people.


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