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Women's Adventure Magazine

"Chia seeds are the new kale. Dr. Oz is a big fan because they fill you up in fiber but they’re low in calories and fat. The new Fuel bar with chia seeds is packed with gluten-free superfruits like dates and blueberries to fill you up with out weighing you down. This baby is only 160 calories, but provides 4 grams of natural fiber. How’s it taste? Basically like a Lara Bar with more seeds." - Women’s Adventure Magazine

Prevention Magazine

"Some energy bars are more like candy than healthy on-the-go snacks, but not these. Packed with peak-of-freshness fruit, these bars are naturally delicious with a chewy texture and full serving of fruit in each 160-calorie bar..." - Prevention Magazine

Bicylcing Magazine

"I've sampled just about every bar on the market and none have tasted as good as PROBAR'S Fuel." - Bicycling Magazine

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