The Oasis at The Democratic National Convention

August 26, 2008

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Everyone needs an oasis, that place to escape to and let the drone of the “busy life” slip into the background. A place where we can, even if for a brief moment, shed the cares and recenter ourselves.

For attendees and press at the Democratic National Convention which kicked off yesterday, this rings true for them as well. No, it’s not all cream puffs and vacation time in Denver.

Democratic National Convention 2008

To that end, Arianna Huffington, author of the famed Huffington Post blog, decided to open the Huffington Post Oasis, a 1300 square foot space for press attending the convention as a place for them to relax, unwind and get a natural boost of energy.

Katharine Q. Seelye of the New York Times said of the Oasis:

The online news site is setting up an oasis ‘” appropriately called, the Oasis ‘” where harried delegates and media, old and new, including bloggers inside the so-called Big Tent (credentials required), can chill out with free yoga exercises, massages, facials, healthy snacks and music

That’s where PROBAR® comes in – the healthy snacks part. PROBAR® is excited to be involved with the Oasis and our man Luke is on the ground in Denver spreading the good news about PROBAR® and helping the Oasis keep stocked up on bars for the weary bloggers and members of the press. (who are often one in the same)

Stay tuned for updates from the Democratic National Convention as PROBAR® takes the spotlight….or as much of it as we can get. Perhaps you’ll see Obama snacking on a PROBAR®.

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