The PROBAR® Community Garden Journey

August 9, 2012

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Who would have thought that in a year and a half this…

PROBAR Plant-Based Energy Bar

would become this….

PROBAR Organic Energy Bar

One of PROBAR’s core values is “Big Steps, Small Footprints.”  The ingredients we use in our bars come from sustainable sources, which have a small impact on the earth and a significant and positive impact on our bodies.  We wanted to take the idea of sustainable food and apply that to something close to home for all of our employees.  This is when the idea of a community garden was brought up, and from there we teamed up with a nearby Montessori school that had the space for the garden and we were on our way.

The spring of 2011 was dedicated to clearing the space and building planter boxes.  Lots and lots of planter boxes.

PROBAR The Best Non-GMO Energy Bars

PROBAR The Best Plant-Based Energy Bar

With the irrigation all set and the boxes in place we filled them with dirt and planted our first set of seeds and starter plants!

PROBAR The Best Organic Energy Bar

PROBAR Organic Whole Food Meal Replacement

Our employee’s range from expert gardeners to first time gardeners and this was an excellent learning opportunity for all that were involved.  Not only did everyone benefit by learning how to garden, we benefited by all the food that was grown!

Now that we are in year two of our garden we have loved enjoying the fresh lettuce, cabbage, carrots, onions, broccoli, radishes, peas and beans that have come from our garden.  Not only do we get to enjoy delicious, healthy food, we are working to build more sustainable resources, which is what PROBAR® is all about!

PROBAR Non-GMO Energy Whole Food Meal Replacement

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  1. Betty League

    Wonderful project!