Wasatch Bagels in Park City, Utah

December 28, 2007

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As a company that started a few years ago from a kitchen and is still growing thanks to so many people out there who love the bars and continue to sing their praises it’s always fun to see PROBAR® being sold in various locations. Additionally it’s interesting to see how each location is merchandising the bars. PROBAR at Wasatch Bagels in Park City, Utah

Yesterday as I was having a breakfast meeting at Wasatch Bagel Cafe in Park City, Utah I was up at the counter ordering a bagel and some freshly squeezed orange juice when I spotted PROBARs in the display in-between some yogurt and some pastries. With them was a display that said:

PROBAR®: Vegan, No Trans Fat, Rich in Raw Foods

Four Great Flavors: Nutty Banana Boom, Whole Berry Blast, Koka Moka, Art’s Original

As a locally owned and operated bagel and coffee shop, Wasatch Bagels in Park City, Utah is a favorite stop for many locals each morning. It’s one of those spots where you think it’ll take 5 minutes to get a drink and a bagel but realistically you should plan on at least a half hour as you’re going to run into friends and aquaintances.

Anyway, like a seasoned blogger I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures, pointing at the PROBAR® and commenting to my friend about them. He must have thought that I had lost it but my excitement to see PROBAR® for sale here won him over as he smiled and said, “Yea, I love those things too.”

If there’s a favorite coffee shop, bagel shop or some out of the ordinary location where you see PROBAR® being sold take a picture and send it to me via e-mail to: kendall AT the probar DOT com.

Wasatch Bagels Park City Utah

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