Biking to the Cliff House

July 1, 2008

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Over the weekend I went out for what I said to friends would be a “minimal climbing” ride on my bike and ended up with 60 miles and 4000′ of climbing. Good thing I had a Maple Pecan and a Kettle Corn PROBAR® along. I found however that on a bike ride when I’m breathing hard that the Kettle Corn isn’t the best flavor for me since it’s large pieces of Kettle Corn took extra effort to chew. The Maple was the ticket.

While reading a few blogs today I came upon the Velo Dramatic blog where Michael posts about all things cycling, including his numerous bikes. It was cool to read that another cyclist is also using PROBAR® on his long rides.

From the post:

Our destination, the aptly-named Cliff House where San Francisco meets the Pacific just South of the Golden Gate Bridge, is often chilly. Today’s forecast promised 90 degree temperatures inland all the way there – if anything we were worried about overheating – ocean breezes would be a welcome relief on the 88-mile loop.

I figured this would be the litmus test for the long-distance capabilities of the Enigma Eulogy and my continuing attempts to improve my hydration/nutrition strategy. I stuffed my jersey pockets with Cup of Golds, Pro Bars, Sport Beans and tucked a couple of GUs in the leg band of my bibs. My bottles were filled with Vitalyte. I hit the start button on my pixel-challenged 305 and the two of us rolled out heading for Peets where we’d pick up TJ and Curt.

Check out the rest of the story. It’s worth the read.

Velodramatic - To the Cliff House ride

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  1. Hey Kendall – I am wondering if your PROBARs contain any brown rice. I am allergic to the stuff and, for some reason, all these energy bars contain it. So… do please let me know. BTW… I am a friend of Michael (Velodramatic) [well, maybe not so much after our recent epic ride and my 3x flats – but that’s another story I’m sure he’ll be telling soon] and would love to have a decent energy bar [or 3] in my back pocket for our next ride. Thanks, Tim

  2. Kendall


    So sorry to tell you that yes, PROBAR has organic brown rice syrup in all of the bars.

    Some of the bars have them as the first ingredient (Maple Pecan) while others have it as the 3rd or 4th item (Apple Cinnamon).

    3 flats?!? That would be grounds for calling for a ride.