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October 4, 2008

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Luke, our man on the road, has an enviable job indeed.  Roaming the Northern Hemisphere passing out bars to one and all, spreading the good word about PROBAR and meeting so many cool people.  What else could a guy look for in a gig?

One of those “cool people” and a recent beneficiary of Luke’s PROBAR philanthropy is Jon Glassberg of Boone, North Carolina which is a hotbed for top notch rock climbing.

After eating some bars he sent us this summary of what it’s like to eat a PROBAR, along with some images from the life of a climber in Boone.

River Bouldering in Boone

Eating a Pro Bar is like foraging in nature except you don’t have to eat grubs and berries to make a keen snack. What really tickled me was the meal replacement concept that a compact Pro Bar was able to give me: unadulterated raw power.  I went from lethargic and uncoordinated to the top of my game with one Koka Moka as a morning snack.

A long weekend of backcountry bouldering with first ascents to be done comes with its share of cleaning boulders, long hikes, fording rivers and fighting your friends away from your Pro Bars.  I am a big guy and fueling my massive frame is no easy task’¦

2 bars a day at 360 calories a piece makes 720 durable and hard working calories at a mere 170 grams.

In the face of all the other food options that claim to be both convenient and wholesome for my voracious appetite, I choose pro bar because their advertising isn’t just a hollow promise; it is a follow through on a commitment to provide a healthy sustainable food for an active climbers lifestyle.

~ Jon Glassberg
Boone ‘¢ North Carolina

Dave and the frog - who is tougher?

I particularly liked this more candid exert from an e-mail that Jon sent us. I hope he doesn’t mind me posting it here.

I ended up eating a handful of the PROBARs you sent me and I have to say they made the 20 or so miles of hiking we did this weekend a whole lot easier.  2 of those bad boys a day really helped.  

I can’t get enough of the Apple Cinnamon.  Something about hiking in and out with only a few bars and a sandwich makes carrying a pile of “other food” seem silly.

Thanks Jon for the feedback and welcome to the PROBAR® family!


images by Jon Glassberg

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