Adventure 16 – The Journey of PROBAR®

March 22, 2006

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With a case of PROBARs in hand, we stopped PROBAR® wagon to visit Adventure 16 Outdoor and Travel outfitters, one of our top outdoor retailers in California. Completely unaware of our surprise visit, they took a few minutes to hear about the PROBAR® road-trip and were thrilled to become our first stop in our yearlong odyssey across the country. Rolf, A-16’s top brass shared an interesting tidbit of history about how PROBAR® landed on the shelves of all A-16 stores.

Here’s how it went down…

…A friend of mine from the Costa Mesa area (Brian – owner of Evolv Climbing) requested bars for a local climbing competition late in ’05. Rolf, the manager of A-16 (also a friend of Brian’s) happened to pick up a bar from Brian at the comp and according to him loved the ‘great flavor and texture’ that was totally different than all the bars on the market. Seeing an opportunity to present a cutting edge product to his customers (and employees – they all mentioned PROBAR® is their new bar of choice!), he quickly forwarded some bars to his buyer @ A-16 headquarters. Within a very short period, PROBARs were on the shelf!

It’s amazing and a bit mind-boggling to consider where we were as a company a year ago. A year ago this month, we’d just moved to a new production/operations facility (yes, we produce our own bars), did our first product demos as we rolled out in Colorado and Utah with Wild Oats Markets, attended our first Expo West natural foods show and launched our second bar, Whole Berry Blast. In just a year, we found our way into the countries leading retailers (REI, EMS, Whole Foods and Wild Oats) and continue to hear stories of success from friends across the country that have found their new, favorite energy food and are sharing it with others. Did I mention flavor #3 is arriving this month and bar #4 will soon follow? To be continued…

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Are we there yet?

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