Art Emerges from the PROBAR® Kitchen with 5 New Flavors

March 13, 2008

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It seems that each time PROBAR® founder Art Eggertsen steps into the kitchen here at PROBAR® he comes out with another amazing flavor. After weeks in the kitchen he emerged with not one but five new flavors which will be introduced this week at the Natural Foods Expo West Trade Show in Anaheim California. The lucky show attendees will get a sneak preview of the 5 new flavors long before the scheduled May 1 official launch date.

Probar Sweet and Savory Line - Five new flavors

This past week I was lucky enough to get some samples of the new Sweet and Savory flavors as I went to Death Valley to climb and ski Telescope Peak with 4 friends. (Trip report to follow – stay tuned)

Each of us had our favorites but Maple Pecan and Kettle Corn were favored among the group with Pretzel Cherry in close second. Truth be told, all five flavors were tops and definitely helped us through some tough times while climbing over 11,000′ and 18 miles from the floor of Death Valley to the summit of Telescope Peak. I can think of two specific times where eating a PROBAR® kept me from bonking (and kept me from gagging down something that wasn’t palatable)

So while the lucky folks at Expo West won’t have to suffer up a tall mountain to test the new flavors I’m sure the verdict will be similar – Art hit another home run from his time in the kitchen!

Probar Sweet and Savory Line - Five new flavors

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  1. Very exciting! I can’t wait to try them out!