Backpacking With PROBAR

July 19, 2017

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One of the biggest challenges with backpacking is knowing what to pack, and just how much. Dehydrated food bags can be confusing with their multiple servings and the need to mix a certain amount of water. Not to mention the weight of having to carry a stove. So, what’s a Mountain Chick to do? Pack PROBAR!


PROBAR offers a wide variety of plant-based food products that not only fuel you on the trails, but taste super yummy too! My current favorites are the Koka Moka Meal bars and the Strawberry Bolt chews. But enough about me, let’s talk about how you can backpack with exclusively PROBAR food products.

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For your pre and on-the-trail electrolyte fix, look no further than PROBAR Bolt. These energy chews are bursting with superfood goodness that taste amazing (unlike some of the gels and other chews I’ve tried). Chew one 15 minutes before hitting the trails, and another every hour while hiking.  My favorite thing about Bolt is that most of the flavors are caffeine free and use B Vitamins for that extra burst of energy. Still want that caffeine fix? You’re in luck. The Berry Blast and Raspberry flavors offer caffeine from Yerba Mate. Bolt chews weigh approximately 80g per bag and offer most people enough chews to get you through a 2 day hike.


Trail snacks are a big deal for me. The key is making sure they care compact enough to fit in my hip belt storage, but hearty enough to satiate my hunger. Enter PROBAR Bite bars and PROBAR Nut Butters. Bite always puts a little extra pep in my step. They’re just so yummy. While called “bite” this mini bar can be consumed in about 4 bites; though you’ll wish you had more! Coconut Almond is my go-to flavor, while my 2 year old is partial to Superfruit+Greens. Another favorite trail snack are the Nut Butters. They’re so easy to eat while walking and can easily be spread on a tortilla for a nice meal alternative. Some of the butters even boast Yerba Mate Caffeine! And did we mention, they’re Non-GMO Project verified? I’ll take one of every flavor please! Bite bars weigh approximately 46g and Nut Butters 32g. Pack as many as you think you’ll need based on your individual appetite.

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Looking for some post-hike protein? Put that processed powder away and grab a PROBAR Base bar. With 20 grams of plant protein, you’ll never have to look at a label again and ask “How do you pronounce this?” With flavors like Chocolate Bliss, Cookie Dough and Frosted Coconut, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to try one. They’re both gluten-free and packed with fiber! Base bars range in weight from approximately 53g to 70g and you should consume one after each hike.


Now I know what you’re thinking: all of this seems fine and dandy, but what about breakfast, lunch and dinner? To that, I say PROBAR Meal and Fuel bars. Meal bars are meal replacement bars that are nutrient dense to make sure you are getting enough calories to keep your energy high and your feet moving forward. And, with 12 different flavors, they’re sure to keep your taste buds entertained! I like to pair a Meal bar with a Fuel bar for desert during dinner. Go with the Apple Pie. It does not disappoint! Meal bars weigh approximately 85g while the Fuel bars weigh approximately 51g. You should pack one Meal bar for each meal and a Fuel bar to accompany lunch or dinner.

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And there you have it folks! Backpacking with exclusively PROBAR bars and snacks. Not sure where to purchase PROBAR products? Why not check out their store locations by clicking HERE. Give backpacking with PROBAR a try and let us know what you think in the comments below!


Hike safe and see you on the trails!

~ Micha Boxer

Mountain Chicks Ambassador, Mompreneur & Outdoor Wellness Advocate