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1500km on the Pacific Crest Trail

October 06, 2022 1 min read

1500km on the Pacific Crest Trail

Alberta based photographer & hiker, Brigid, shares stories about her Pacific Crest Trail experience!

"This summer we spent 55 days hiking the Oregon and Washington section of the PCT. We started our adventure just outside of Ashland, OR and made our way north to the Canadian Border south of Manning Provincial Park.

Along the way we learned that although Oregon's population of mosquitos rivaled any other area we've hiked through, their forests and mountains were beautiful!

We managed to get our daily distance up to around 30km in the first week; the convenience of ProBar Meal Bars and Bolts helped us be more efficient on the trail!

A few of our favorite areas that we hiked through include the Three Sisters Wilderness, Mounts Jefferson, Hood, and Adams Wildernesses. Although we did have to contend with a few snowy areas, due to the late spring snow dump, not to mention copious swarms of mosquitos, we managed to stay on track for the duration of Oregon's ~700km of the PCT and arrived in Cascade Locks during a heat wave.

That day included an amazing alternate route down the Eagle Creek canyon, and we stopped to take a few dips in the river to cool off. We took our second "zero day" there (a day where no miles are hiked), resupplied, and enjoyed the air conditioning in our hotel during the day and our balcony view of the Columbia River in the morning and evening. 

Stay tuned for the Washington report!"