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5 PRO Tips for Fly Fishers 🐟

August 30, 2022 2 min read

5 PRO Tips for Fly Fishers 🐟

Ian, a plant-based athlete and fly fisher, based out of SLC, shares his best 5 PRO tips for best practice when fly fishing.



1)First, practice your casting technique before you hit the water and prep your gear ahead of time. I like to set up a hula hoop in my backyard and practice casting consistently into the center of it. I focus on accuracy over distance, especially for trout fishing.



2) My absolute favorite time to fish is at 3 o'clock in the morning. Fish are more active at night than in the day as the darkness provides a blanket of protection from predators such as birds. And the water at night is colder, which makes releasing fish safer for practicing catch-and-release.



3) When the daytime temperature starts to warm up, I take care to keep the fish wet and in the water as much as possible. Minimize air exposure as fish can’t breathe out of the water. And do your best to limit the handling time when releasing them. I like to use rubber nets as they are less abrasive and do less damage to the fish’s protective coat of slime and scales. 



4) When I wake up super early, I go right for a PROBAR Meal Bar. They are a quick and delicious snack to fuel me for the beginning of the day. In the evening, I dig deeper into the cooler and make a plant-based dinner to help recover from a long day of rowing and casting. 



5) Fishing out of a drift boat isn’t a race. Don’t be afraid to stop and jump in to work a good-looking pool or riffle. It’ll help you stay cool! And just like food isn’t all about the number of calories in a meal, fishing isn’t about the quantity of fish on the trip.

Remember to enjoy the process!