August 14, 2018 1 min read

 BackToSchool5 4 Tips for the Perfect Kids Lunch School is starting up again, and here are 4 quick tips on how to pack a fun lunch your little ones are sure to love! 1- Variety! Just like we don’t want the same thing for lunch every day, kids don’t either. Try some crackers with meat and cheese instead of the traditional sandwich, or a banana slathered in our nut butter, wrapped in a wheat tortilla, and cut into pinwheels. BackToSchool   2- Add a note! This is such a quick and easy way to let your kids know you care. It gives them something to look forward to, and can even just be a heart or smiley face on a sticky note. 3- Use a compartmentalized box and add dip options! Have you noticed, kids love to use condiments? Give them a mini fork and some sauce and they’ll eat just about anything. 4- Need an extra quick and healthy lunch option? Everyone loves our Bite bars! They are the perfect addition to any lunchbox, and pass the taste test of even the pickiest eaters. They’re soft enough for little ones to chew, nutrient-packed, filling, and your kids will love the flavors! Toss one in with a drink and some fruit or veggies and some cheese, and you’re all set. My kids personal favorites are peanut butter chocolate and mixed berry. BackToSchool4
Hope you find these tips useful, have a great school year! ~ Lyndsey Gaskins