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Parks Week

July 29, 2022 1 min read

Parks Week

Why do we love parks?

🏃 Great spot for exercise.⁠

Plus, they provide neighborhoods with space for sports and physical activity like hiking and swimming. Access to parks can be a literal game-changer for low-income areas and for those who can't afford pricey gym memberships!⁠ 

🧒 Children can learn and play in a safe environment.⁠

Did you know that play is pivotal for early development? Going to a park can help foster hand-eye coordination and motor skills, and playing with others can teach social skills. Parks can be a great way to build community!⁠ 

🌎️ Parks unite the neighborhood!⁠

Seeing your neighbors at the park can help you grow relationships. Volunteering together to keep parks clean and safe can also unite neighbors.